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HD Street 750 and 500 drive Harley-Davidson 5.8% Q1 Growth!
Apr 23, 2014 - 12:31 PM - by Yusef
Harley-Davidson is doing well according to its sales growth for Q1. Much of that growth comes from the Asia-Pacific region, and from the HD Street 750 and 500.

Harley-Davidson sold 57,415 units worldwide, a 5.8 percent increase over the 54,254 bikes it sold in the same period of 2013. Domestic growth is smaller though at 3.0% up from the similar 2013 figures.

The Asia-pacific region was a region of massive growth for the brand though. Dealers there sold 20.5% more motorcycles than in the first quarter of the previous year. Europe, Middle East and Africa as a region was next in line with an 8.2 % growth in sales. People in these regions have really been eating up the Street models. It is "by far on of the major growth factors for Harley."

Harley-Davidson also retains its leading position in the US for the 6th year in a row. It saw a 3.0% increase in sales in the first quarter, which translates to 35,730 motorcycles so far this year. Harley Davidson expects to see a 9% growth over 2013 sales in 2014. That would mean 285,000 motorcycles sold for the year.
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Street 500 First Ride Impressions
Apr 15, 2014 - 1:54 PM - by Livin On
So we currently have one documented test ride of the Street 500 from a small California blog. First impressions were that the 500 looked and felt cheap, main complaints were with the bars

Now I know Harley wanted to keep them affordable but there is a difference between low cost and cheap. Just simple things like handle bars that look like they came of a bicycle to exposed connectors and wires make it look cheap!
What is refreshing is that this guy is smart enough to tell that benchmarking the Street 500/750 against your favorite Harley is an exercise in frivolity. He loved how nimble the 500 was, saying it was exactly as tossable as you would expect from a 500cc 500 lb bike...

Now again I am not comparing this to the existing Harley line because I know it is a completely different beast and wasn't meant to be like the current big Harleys. I will first give you the ONE thing I liked... the bike was light and nimble and you could throw it into corners like you would expect from a 500cc 400 pound bike. However, at least in my opinion, the bike is full of design/engineering flaws. It's like they didn't even test ride the prototypes before they went to production with what looked good on paper.
Uh oh, what are these niggles the man speaks of?

First thing you will notice right off is the riding position is VERY cramped - and I am an average 5'7" guy. Then there is the ignition switch that is hidden under the certer of the handelbars. You can even really see it while sitting on the bike so you have to insert the key by feel and then if you have anyt other keys on the key chain, they will dag and vibrate on the front part of the tank. Then there is the hanlebars and controls... very awkward! The way the brake and clutch are set up you have to kind of reach over the grips and down to get them. You would think you could just loosen the mount and turn them , but because of the mirror mounts, you can't.
That should be easy enough to verify. Can any of our Indian testers confirm similar niggles with the 750s?

Speaking of the mirrors, you can't see anything but your shoulders. The bars are narrow like on a lot of smaller bikes, but the mirror posts need to be longer to put the mirrors out further. The worst design flaw I found was the rear brake. I thought it was just me but when we got back from the ride all 8 people got off the bikes and the first thing everyone said was "what's up with that useless rear brake. It is set up level with the foot pag and kind of far forward so there is no way you can prees it until it engages without moving forward in the seat - your ankle don't bend that far.
Some of these complaints are of course purely subjective, others are valid, but I would say that most can be remedied through adjustments or aftermarket parts.

... [Read More]
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First Harley Davidson Street Test Ride Event
Apr 14, 2014 - 4:54 PM - by Yusef
So I've been reading about the first Harley Davidson Street Test Ride Event that was held last weekend in OC California. As opposed to the Indians who have only been treated to the Street 750, this event was the opposite and only gave people a chance to ride the Street 500.

One guy who went to the event liked the idea of the Street 500 but didn't really like the execution:

Unlike some who are already jumping up and down screaming about Harely selling out because they won't make ONLY the bike I want to ride, I think the plan of using an existing infrastructure and dealer network to reach a portion of the market currently going to oither manufactures is a GREAT idea.
I am NOT at all impressed with the execution. I mean the bike looked cool and even felt well balance when I sat on it, however from what I saw the bikes just looked cheaply made.
It wasn't all bad news though (though it was mostly bad news from this guy). He liked that the bike was lightweight and therefore easily maneuverable.

He then goes on to talk about some problems with the Street 500 in his opinion:

- Riding position is cramped
- Ignition switch is hidden under the handle bars
- awkward controls
- bars are narrow , but the mirror posts need to be longer to put the mirrors out further
- rear brake --> "The worst design flaw I found was the rear brake. I thought it was just me but when we got back from the ride all 8 people got off the bikes and the first thing everyone said was "what's up with that useless rear brake. It is set up level with the foot peg and kind of far forward so there is no way you can press it until it engages without moving forward in the seat - your ankle don't bend that far."

So the first test ride review that we get isn't really the best news. Now this one guy could just be a big douche, or maybe he's right. Keep your ears and eyes open for second opinions. Given that the HD Street is aimed at entry level riders and people who want to spend less, I think there has to be some forgiveness for not having the most high quality engineering. There is a line between poor quality, and affordable quality. We will have to see which side of the line that the Street ends up falling on.

Here is a link to the guy's full review --> HARLEY-DAVIDSON STREET? 750 & 500 MOTORCYCLES - Lucky's blog - CycleFish

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Accessories for Harley-Davidson Street 750 Announced
Apr 02, 2014 - 12:47 PM - by Yusef
Harley-Davidson has announced its catalog of accessories for the Harley-Davidson Street 750. The Street 750 will get a range of seats, mufflers, exhausts, air cleaners and handlebars.

Available now are a core series of body panels, including a fuel tank and a fender, that are available in 6 color combinations, choices of gloss or denim finishes and custom paint design with graphics. There is also a two-tone deign for the tank and rear fender.

There is also a selection of exhausts. There is a set of Screamin' Eagle Buckshot Exhaust shield kits available that include a perforated 'Buckshot' design and includes a front and rear head pipe shields.

Another accessory is a 'Reduced Reach' handlebar for the vertically challenged. It bring controls two inches closer to the rider.

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Street 750 Test Ride, Handling, Exhaust Note & Other bits
Mar 16, 2014 - 2:01 AM - by adrena
Today is an important day. Finally got to ride around on the Street 750. I say important as it happened a full 2 weeks in advance. I was promised the test ride in the first week of April. Guess Christmas came early. In any case, I'm glad this happened - helped me confirm my faith in my early booking.

So here is a short lil writeup on what I felt.

Pre-test formalities:
Seven Islands Harley Davidson, the Mumbai dealership is quite thorough with their documentation. I'm glad to have arrived first. Handed in my driving licence and in return I was handed a temporary registration of the bike. Necessary in case of any unintended run ins with the local law enforcement.

Collage on the facade of Seven Islands Harley Davidson, Turbhe, Navi Mumbai, India

The Bike
I was glad to see the bike when it was brought up. It was Red this time. This is the first time I got to see this colour. I feel that this makes the bike look a bit larger than it is. Maybe it is just that an all black lump feels more one with itself than the red. The front mud-guard, tank and rear fairing bring in patches of red that define the extremities of the bike a bit more than all black.

Guess I'll stick to my vivid black booking

I was given a bike that had just done 79km on the odo so it is safe to say that it was absolutely mint fresh out of its crate.

Controls and general stance:
I think the bike feels much better on the road than it did in the showroom where it had its front and rear wheels clamped down. Once loaded up, the bike settles down nicely. Seat height is perfect for my 5'8" frame. I don't think even taller riders would have an issue.

I liked the controls, levers and switches. Everything feels like there was focus on quality. Having said that, they do feel inadequate when compared to an Iron. Instrumentation may look identical but it may not be. For example, the Iron has a trip switch just above the horn and that toggles between odo-clock-trip1-trip2. Street only gets one button on the dial that toggles odo-tripA-tripB. No clock which I thought was a very handy feature. Specially coming from a Vespa.

Coming to the foot controls, I think these are set a bit too far back for a cruiser. They池e more in the aggressive sports bike area. Not that I知 complaining but I知 unsure about their usefulness in daily office runs. We値l find out more as bikes hit the road. I知 sure this config will make for a great long distance mile cruncher. The handlebar maybe a couple of inches too wide for tight urban spaces and manic traffic of Indian cities. The wider bar does give more than enough leverage to move the otherwise front heavy bike easily.

Thought I値l allay some concerns that this gang had:
Gear shifts are light. Way lighter than the clunky Iron. Precise. No false neutrals.
Bike starts in gear just fine. Without the side stand that is.
Everything feels taught and made well. No squeaks. No rattles.
No fuel gauge but the bike gets a 2-liter-to-empty light on the clock
Other lights include: Engine check, neutral, left, right, low fuel, oil low and something else that I知 forgetting.
The whole clock glows red (I know I should致e got a pic) and it is quite nice.
The lights are all precise and what you should expect when you buy something in 2014
Iron has a better LCD odo.

The Ride:
I知 gonna make this quick as it was a short 7km run on mixed roads Highway, couple of twists, some traffic, a red light and return.

Street 750 is meant for the urban crawl and this bike does that really well. It gets off the line clean and easy. Clutch is light, progressive and... [Read More]
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