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Don't Believe Everything You Read

Well, seems that today the internet is just full of crazy news stories about the new Harley Street 500/750. But don't believe everything you read.
And once there is one crazy story, all the other news/magazine sources pick it up and start repeating it without checking the facts. Jeesh ! reports that Harley Davidson will be "tweaking" the new USA built Streets for women riders - by lowering the seat (really? can they really get lower than 25.7" ?) and by reducing the size of the handles (which are already a puny 7/8") and then moving the footpegs to accommadate a woman better (um, don't think so unless they're going to change the frame and some other components).

A number of other news sources are reporting that the Street was already built specifically for women - that Harley specifically designed and built this motorcycle just for, and only for, women riders. Some are even calling it the "little black dress" of motorcycles. (barf) Really ? Then why does Harley's new commercial feature a MAN ? If I wanted to sell motorcycles to women, I would feature a woman riding one. Only logical. Harley Davidson has stated that their target buyers are young (18-34), urban dwellers - of both sexes.

Oh, and some sources are now reporting that the USA made Street is actually Made in India. Well, I spent some time researching this one and I don't think it is true. Copied this right off a Harley dealer's website:
When word first leaked out about the
STREET motorcycles, many speculated
that they were going to be built in Harley-
Davidsonís Bawal, India plant - where
they have been assembling bikes since
2011. H-D cleared the air and settled the
speculation when they invited all of their
North American dealers to their facility in
Kansas City - where all U.S. and Canadian
Street Motorcycles will be built. This is the
same plant that is producing the V-Rod, the
muscular big brother to these smaller liquid
cooled siblings.

And if that doesn't sound convincing enough, I found another article on that talks about details of building the Street and the production line at the Kansas City, USA facility.
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Journalism is dead.
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I knew this was coming... another girl's bike. Just like the Sportsters.
Sounds like the "journalists" were hanging out in a bar room and picking their stories up from drunk big twinners... or bandana heads as DT calls them. Maybe the journalists are RUBs.
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@Sherry, It needs bit of clarification! Made in USA Harley would be made from made in India Parts and all those parts would be shipped to USA in Kansas Plant and put next to parts of a VRod in assembly line and assembled there to satisfy the Americans that Street is "Made In USA".

It is most evident from Endurance Shocks and Brakes on American Street. And any reply from that magazine regarding your query about vendor for same in USA Street. I guess 'No'! Nobody speaks against al Harley anywhere in world and USA is their Womb, who dare would there. That's the crap Journalism actually.

Only one Indian motoring Magazine 'MotorBeam' infact dared criticised Harley Street 750 and reported about lame vendors,brakes,tyres in Indian bike and fit and finish and advised to opt out of the bike because of lot of cost cutting.

My query to Harley about vendors was replied with answer that "we do not reveal vendors as matter of policy". Harley can just hide behind this crap statement and give you worst possible parts. Just for reference take a look a Kawasaki Ninja 300 specifications and it would satisfy a techie with screaming levels of quality. It even has proprietary technology so that hot air from radiator is not blown on the Driver. That is called making a person comfortable and not that he/she is baked after a short drive and ready to be served on dining table.....!!!
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And yes been reading news about Street for women from Indian media too. It would have different tank and different position for pegs(Foot pegs I mean!) etc.. Harley is read to go extra mile to please Ladies. Haven't they asked for suggestions from females? Let's see what they come out with.
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Of course the bandanna man needs to consider the Street a womens bike, its the only way his beloved HD would ever betray his image of cool. To the modern American male when something stops making sense the only logical explanation is WOMEN!

Can't wait to take out the old guard with a girls bike!... Seat, bars and pegs are all gunna go, lets see if we can't get ourselves a semi racy position!
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Puneet, all motorcycles use components such as brakes, shocks, forks, wheels, electronic components and frequently their fuel injection and engine management systems from outside vendors. If Harley didn't buy fork, shocks and brake calipers from Endurance they would have bought these from Showa and Brembo/Nissan/Tokiko/Kelsey-Hayes (take your pick of brake caliper manufacturers) and rotors from Sunstar (Japanese). None of that means that US and Canadian market Streets, just like my V-Rod (which also uses a lot of components sourced from other suppliers) are not manufactured in the US. US/Canadian streets will have engines, frames and body work manufactured in Kansas City. It is not just an assembly site for kits from India.

The line about Harley not revealing vendors is legal boilerplate. They don't want you, say, looping the dealer parts department and going directly to the manufacturer of of something like the ultrasonic fuel level sender in a late model V-Rod when yours bites the dust, or like I did when the gas struts for my saddlebags died I figured out who made them and bought directly from the manufacturer. Harley tries not to let you know who makes individual components so you don't go around the dealer and deal directly with their vendors.
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