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What IS that ?! experiences with other HD riders

Curious to hear about other peoples' experiences with riders of other/ Older Harley Davidsons.
The other night, while out for a short ride after work on one of our first nice spring days, I got stopped at a couple of traffic lights in the same lane with a Sportster rider. This man was middle-aged (55-60) with worn leathers, patched colors, and bandana and wild grey beard. No gloves or helmet in Colorado. I was stopping just a little behind and to his right in his same lane for 2 consecutive stoplights and then we got stopped at a major cross street, so it was going to be a long stop. He turned around on his bike, looked over my bike, clearly noting we both had the same HD teardrop mirrors and seeing the badge on my ride's tank and said,

"Hey, What IS that?" motioning toward my Street 750.

I pushed up my visor and shouted over his rumbling exhaust, "Harley. Street 750. A new model."
He said, "It sure is quiet, I can't even hear it." And so I accelerated so he could hear my stock exhaust sound. This caused a smile and he quickly made his bike thunder with seemingly unimpeded exhaust.
When it got quiet again I explained, "New model this year, I have only 500 miles on it so far."
As our time at the light was getting short he finished the conversation with "Well, its kinda cute and at Least Its A Harley". before the light turned and he roared away.
This certainly was not said as an insult or in belittling manner. It was good to feel the openness to the new model and his quick acceptance of the model.

I recently told about my purchase of a Street 750 to a man at work who rides some big huge Harley. He explained that his 21 year old daughter wants to start riding, but he is not sure she should start with a big bike. He explained she is only willing to ride a Harley and he seemed intrigued about the Street Series.

Would love to hear other stories of explaining our bikes to the "traditional" crowd.
Me, I will always remember the look on that guy's face and the tone of "What IS that?" and "Well, At least its a Harley."

Not all those who wander are lost.

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Got my 750 back before Bike blues and bbq rally in Arkansas.

I spent most of my time visor up chatting at lights or waiting around the bike answering questions that people had in regards to it.

Everyone that I talked to where super excited and most asked if the they could sit and rock it to feel out the weight.

I'm excited for this years rally now that I have added V&H stuff and change other parts on it.

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I've had overwhelmingly positive interest from most cruiser riders, both American and Metric. With the V&H slip-on without the baffle, I get positive remarks on the sound, and with the air cleaner and FP3, I've never had any problems keeping up. The only negatives I've heard are in regards to the absurdly small tear tire and the wide tank. I agree with both, looking forward to getting new bigger wheels, and I'm starting to think about a tank. Maybe something off a mid-70's UJM if I can get a fuel pump plate made up and welded on.
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Ran into some club yesterday and they all were interested in what is was and the general consensus was they liked it.
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Last year I heard only bad remarks about the Street, they say it's "Kinderspielzeug" - a toy for children.

In Germany it is not easy for dealers to promote it, because Harley is the brand of very rich, successfull and well educated people (with grey hairs).

Look how my local dealer tries to promote the Street on his homepage. Just wait a moment to see a pink Street. Perhaps they want to attract girls.

Harley-Davidson Rhein-Neckar GmbH
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I have ridden my Street 500 on a few HOG chapter rides. Our chapter has lots of touring bikes. Every time I park the street I find a few guys looking and pointing. When I let them know it is mine they always ask all sorts of questions. When I ride my beautiful Road King Classic, I may get one guy "nice paint".
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When I discussed my interest in the Street 750 with my son-in-law, a long-time Harley rider I expressed the thought that riders with more traditional cruisers wouldn't consider this a "real" Harley. He put it in perspective for me with this question and his response to my answer. He asked, "Do parts and accessories for the Street cost $100 or more apiece?" When I answered yes he said, "Yeah, its a Harley."
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Even I sometimes dont understand whether its brotherhood for being in same family or its about owning big Harley Bikes.

People who own bigger Harleys do not accept Street as part of their family.

Strange but true.

Not doubt the potential of Street 750 is **** more than some of the bigger Harleys.

But I am one proud owner of Street 750 Matt Black since June 2014

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I am the only person in my neck of the woods with a Street, and I always get stares and double takes. My town has weekly car/bike shows during the spring and summer, and last year I made it to a few of them, and I got a ton of people stopping and asking about the bike. I had a bunch of older biker guys park their bikes next to mine and all were very interested in the bike. I am sure there are haters out there, but as the wise Taylor Swift says, a hater is gunna hate.

If you ain't first, you're last.
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It is good to hear that the majority of you Street owners are having positive experiences. Maybe the VRoders before you paved the way for acceptance of nontraditional HD bikes.
Unfortunately, like Sunny pointed out, there are die hard traditionalists that accept nothing but Big Twins as "real" Harleys. To each, their own. Just remember, if YOU like your Street, that is all that matters.
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