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Mustang 2-Up Touring Seat review

The stock seat on the Street is okay for its intended purpose -- as an urban/commuter bike, it's fine for the 20 minute commute or whatever. But I and many others find it uncomfortable, even painful for longer rides; I find that I'm squirming after 45 minutes and it's painful after an hour. I like to take the Street out for 2-3 hours at a time, so -- the stock seat problem needed to be fixed.

At the same time, my wife expressed interest in going along, and the passenger seat on the Street is certainly lacking for any sort of distance - it's thin, small, flat... so, that was another problem to be addressed.

After reading reviews, I settled on the Mustang 2-Up Touring Seat. It seemed to promise everything -- supposed to be much more comfortable, made for long-distance touring, and the passenger section seemed a lot better. A decent-sized gamble at $350, but I ordered it.

Install was trivial - remove old seat, slide new seat on, bolt it down with the seat screw.

As for looks -- I didn't really care for the look in pictures I'd seen online, but in person I have to say it looks really good and definitely improves the look of the bike. The profile shots I'd seen online made it look... I don't know, "frumpier" -- but you really don't see your bike in a profile like that, you see it from above, looking down on it, and the Mustang looks fantastic from that position. Very happy with the aesthetic upgrade.

The passenger seat is vastly improved, it's huge and thick and plush. Any pillion would almost certainly prefer it over the stock seat (although I have yet to put that to a real test).

As for the main seat - well... meh. It's better than stock, but then again a 2x4 would almost be better than stock. It's about as firm as stock, maybe even firmer; it's certainly no Barcalounger. It's wider than stock, so you distribute your weight over more surface area, which means there's less pressure per square inch being applied to your rump, and that means that yes, it's definitely more comfortable than stock. I did 180 miles in a day recently, and I wasn't squirming or hurting at all, so in that way it's a big upgrade. I can't say it was particularly "comfortable", but I can say it didn't hurt. It's not a beckoning, welcoming seat, but it's perfectly functional.

There are some things I'm not thrilled about. The sculpted back of the driver seat looks great, but in practice I find it means you're trapped in one position. I used to move around on the stock seat quite a bit (mainly because, well, it'd hurt after a while) but with the Mustang, you pretty much gotta stay where it plants you. Second, where it plants you seems to be notably more forward than the stock seat. It feels a bit more cramped; feels like it's pushed me at least 2", maybe 3" forward although looking at the profile, you wouldn't think that. If someone was really tall, they might find the Mustang too cramped for them. I think it's okay, but I'm not tall; still, I liked being a little further back as the stock seat allowed. Finally, there's a side effect to it being wider -- whereas I used to be able to firmly plant both feet on the ground at a stop, now with the wider seat it means that I have effectively shorter legs when trying to stand. I used to be able to actually clear the bike when standing; now I can't get both feet firmly solid on the ground unless I move forward to almost the gas tank. I imagine if you've got a 32" inseam or longer you'll probably be able to stand, but for those with shorter legs, the Mustang's width makes it a little harder to get both feet down.

Overall: is the Mustang Touring Seat better than stock? **** yeah. Is it $350 better than stock? Er... I'm not so sure. I mean, that's a lotta dough for an inexpensive bike. I'm sure as the months go by and I forget that I paid that much, I'll be happier, but would I do it again? I don't know. I might, just for the improved passenger seat, but if you're looking for the "one seat to rule them all", I'm not sure this one is it. But - what else is there? The Saddlemen 2-up is less expensive, but the reviews I found online (only two of them) weren't great and they both complained that the seat moved them notably forward, which I didn't want (and, ironically, I ended up getting moved forward anyway). Or the Corbin Gunfighter & Lady, but that's $103 more expensive and the reviews I'd read said the seat was really firm (which, again, ironically, is what I ended up with anyway -- the Mustang is quite firm). So the Mustang is medium in price, seems to be excellently made, and is a definite upgrade over stock and while it's not a Gold Wing's plush saddle, it's more comfortable on the longer rides that I do, so all in all, I'm glad I got it, even if I do really wish it was more like $200-$250.

However, there is one thing I think I have to bring up -- a negative that I didn't foresee. The Mustang uses the stock screw to mount, which seems logical, but frankly it's insufficient. On the stock seat it has that "passenger strap" wrapped around it, which makes getting the seat off and on a bit of a pain. That is, I found out, actually a very good thing! The Mustang doesn't provide for that; they tell you to remove the passenger strap. I found I could just tuck it under the seat and it disappeared nicely, so I still have it in case I wanted to go back to stock someday. So the Mustang doesn't have the strap at all, it's just held on by one screw. If that screw was to work its way loose, there's nothing stopping the Mustang from slipping right off the bike. It slides right off when the screw isn't installed. That could be downright dangerous. That wouldn't happen on the stock seat; the passenger strap makes it darn difficult to remove the seat *intentionally*, so it's a pretty safe bet it'd never come off accidentally. There's nothing stopping the Mustang from coming off, but that one screw. So you better keep a good eye on that screw and keep it tight. Secondly, that means that if a nefarious individual wanted to help themselves to a free $350 seat, about five seconds with a Phillips-head screwdriver is all it'd take for them to be able to walk away with your brand new Mustang (or, for that matter, Corbin or Saddlemen seat). Whether that's a concern for you or not, well, that's up to your situation -- if you have to park outside in a less-than-stellar neighborhood, maybe that'd be a thing to take seriously; for others, it may be a very remote risk. As for me, I traded out the stock screw for a hex-head bolt with a lockwasher and some Loc-Tite to hopefully eliminate any unintended bolt loosening... you could probably eliminate any opportunistic theft threat by replacing the screw with a 1/4-20 tamper-resistant security bolt.

Some mods I've made have been an absolute home run (the Kuryakyn grips with bar end weights, or the long-stem mirrors with Krator mirror extenders). I don't think of the Mustang 2-Up Touring seat as a home run, I think it's a decent upgrade but overpriced. I wish seats were returnable, so I could have sent it back and tried the Saddlemen or Corbin, but -- they're not. You pay your money and you take your chances. And it's okay. It's a good product, great quality, just not an outstanding upgrade, more of an incremental upgrade.
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