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Sub 25mph curves

Hello Everyone,

I have completed my MSF a few weeks back and have only put about 25 miles on my 2016 Street 750. With that said, I have some issues I'd appreciate some help with.

1. This thing loves to hit neutral, and false neutral between 2 and 3. Not sure what that is about, but I'll be tweaking the clutch lever to get some more control.

2. When taking turns in 2nd it seems to want to 'go' when any throttle is given. In the MSF we were taught to NOT use the clutch or touch it at all through a turn in 2nd. Just brake to appropriate speed and then roll on the throttle for constant to increasing speed.

The issue here, is that when I do this with the street in 2nd and am going between 16-25mph. I'll let on the throttle just before the turn and it will want to accelerate quite quickly. This lessens my confidence through the turn as I don't want to have the rear tire lose traction from too much power.

My thought is to just clutch in while I break and then friction zone the bike through the turn in 2nd. But since I've been told that's a no-no. My other option is up-shifting to 3rd so it's smoother acceleration.

Thoughts? Or, any other advice that may help me?

Once again, any advice is greatly appreciated!

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Wish I had an answer to you on this. I did not take MSF and have been riding for only 3 years. But when cornering on a curve I use the technique you describe above but on a corner like making a right turn at an intersection, I use my clutch in the friction zone. But having never taken MSF, I might very well be doing it in an unsafe manner so I want to listen to this thread for answers from more experienced riders.
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Put some plastic bottles up in an empty car park and practice for a couple of hours turning around them,
You will find your circles will get tighter and your slow speed control better.
Practicing this will help.
I did this on an XS1100 Yammy on grass many years ago, after a few hours I could turn that bike anywhere, at any speed, and it was three times the weight of a Street 500.
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Well on this side of the equator the clutch has become my best friend. They have put up speed humps around all schools and also on roads where speeding was a factor. It is a pain especially on four wheels. On the bike these humps are taken in 2nd gear. On my Street it is difficult to SLOWLY crack the throttle, so the clutch is a helping hand when riding the humps.

I have read in these threads that after market grips on a new throttle slider have helped to make the transition from idle to throttle easier when slowly twisting the grip.

2015 Street 750 Vivid Black
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speed humps eh...
stand up on your pegs
loosely grip your bars
allow the bike to ride over the hump flexing your legs as you traverse the hump.
Dont grip the bars tight...allow the bike to move under you.
The gyroscopic effect of the wheels will keep you upright.
You will find that you can do it like this a a good speed.
We have speed humps everywhere in the CBD of our towns,
Lowered car owners hate them,

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The 750 has a lot more power than many seem to realize and because of that is highly sensitive to the throttle in low gears. It just takes good throttle control that you will acquire with more riding. I don't think you'll have any problem with breaking the rear tire lose unless you really get radical on your throttle control. Always remember to turn your head to look where you want to go! The motorcycle will magically follow where you're looking. As mentioned in a previous post, practice, practice, practice, until you become very comfortable with the turns and the throttle control.

Always remember that for every mile of highway there are two miles of ditches.
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