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Engine running lean...

Hi everyone,

Picked up my XG750A 20 days ago... What a bike !!!

So I installed the V&H Hi-Output Slip-on Exhaust, signed a 'Warranty Void' disclaimer, and have been making quite a racket on the city streets ever since. The throaty roar of the V&H is music to my ears.

But, the throttle response of the bike seems less. It borders on stalling in bumper-to-bumper traffic and I need to rev the throttle more each time I'm at a crawl. And then it comes on so quick that I've to ease out immediately and grab the brakes. It's quite cumbersome.

The Service Head at the local HD Dealership told me it's because "the engine is running lean, Sir".
He suggested a Screaming Eagle Air Filter upgrade and a FP3, if I'm keen on good performance too.

So my questions tot he forum are :

1 ) What's the performance rating of the SE AF upgrade vs. a V&H AF upgrade ?

2) Would upgrading JUST the Air Filter and not installing a FP3 upset anything ?

3) How long can i ride the bike with just the V&H Slip-on before it causes any damage ?

4) Is the FP3 user-friendly and idiot-proof ? Could playing around with it cause any damage ?

5) How deep in s*^t am I when I sign Warranty Void Disclaimers with each upgrade ?

Thanks for your help,



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1. Performance is improved, I can't enumerate it.

2. Just upgrading the air filter and not getting the FP3, the bike will probably run way too lean. Or make your problem worse.

3. With just the slip on no problem, but upgrade the intake and you will need to do FP3 or have HD make a tune change on injection program.

4. You will need a phone that you can get the free VH App, I use an iPhone and it is pretty easy to manage.

5. I have read that if you have a 2018 or later bike you are screwed for warranty; but it depends on the dealer. Just what I have heard, check out this forum for more info.

I'm not an engine or performance expert by any means but I have a 2015 XG750. I have put all VH stuff on my bike, Comp Muffler, FP3 and VH Naked intake. I love the performance, I'm a rather rookie rider and my bike has more guts than I can handle. I don't think you will be unhappy with the upgrades. Oh, one more thing a better seat, I went with the Corbin and my bum likes it.

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Welcome to the Street Rod family. You are required upon pain of death if you don't, to post some pictures of your new Street Rod!

You'll find the S.E. air filter element, looks suspiciously like the standard filter albeit a different colour. HD give no figures for it's performance compared to the standard element. I'd go for V&H out of the two any day.

Fit a free flow air filter and you'll need the FP3.

When I originally fitted just the S&S Grand National slip on with the standard air box on my Street Rod, I never felt the bike was running at it's best, despite auto tuning with the FP3. Bringing the throttle on, the response from the bike was very sharp, you couldn't bring the power in smoothly, it was either on or off. Fitting the S&S Stealth Air Filter cured the problem. Using The FP3 standard mapping ( Free Flow Slip on with baffle, Standard air filter) the bike runs as sweet as a nut. No jerkiness in throttle response and the power coming in smoothly. Why that should be considering the Standard Air Filter part of the mapping, I have no idea, but it does.

It's only when you dump the Standard Air Filter and box and replace them, that you'll realise exactly how restrictive it really is.

Using just the V&H slip on without re mapping will be fine, but you'll probably get some decel popping.

You can download the FP3 app from Google Play for free. It has a demonstration mode, so you can try before you buy. It's very easy to use the basic re mapping function. Your bike will run better if you use V&H's standard map, rather than the Harley one.

Not much you can do about the warranty now! A user, Gaigin, gave a comprehensive post detailing why Harley are doing what their doing if you search the site for it.
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In my past experience I would suggest do a full Stage One or nothing.....in the case of the XG750A that would be a slip on of your choosing, a S&S Stealth air cleaner (the SR air filter is junk) and the V&H's FP3 or Dobeck Performance tuner as those are the only two available at the moment to my knowledge. It will truly be a different bike as far as the way it runs.

Then there is the matter of sorting the suspension, tires, brake pads....etc.

'10 XR1200
'14 FXDL
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You need to get yourself a V&H FP3 tuner. There are lots of "maps" to reprogram the factory settings with a flash. I got one for my bike and everything is just amazing. Take a look at their website, or even better, there is an app for your smartphone so you can get an idea what this thing does. Pretty cool and well worth the price - they run around $399.
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I used the FP3 Flash on my 18 Custom 1200. Running a pair of Loose Cannons and Arlen Ness Stage 1 Intake. Runs Great!!
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Congrats on the bike. The XG750A is a fun bike. I've had mine for about 8 months now.

I've installed the TBR slip-on with no baffle and love the sound. I spoke to my local dealer about the whole warranty thing and at least for me they see it as "If it doesn't directly ruin something they don't care. Everyone wants to customize."

My throttle response stayed decent but I did notice I had to give a little more throttle when taking off so it doesn't bog down. I went ahead and picked up the V&H FP3 to help with the idle issue. I had also found that K&N makes a direct replacement filter(HD-7515) for our bike. I personally like the look of the stock housing. After installing the air filter and removing the snorkels on the air filter housing I installed the V&H FP3. This fixed all issues I had at idle.

The FP3 is one of the more "user friendly" tuners I have used. Although my tuning experience is with cars.
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