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  1. Street Appearance & Modifications
    Been looking to convert this to a performance tracker. I almost gave up, until I ripped off that gaudy rear fender (I know some like it, I don’t) and realizing how much potential this rear of the frame has. I’m thinking of making a custom seat that extends further back, and possibly a small...
  2. Street Appearance & Modifications
    Was wondering if anyone tried wrapping their bike. I heard they don't usually wrap Harleys because the heat makes it peel, but was wondering if that's the same case for the street 750 model?
  3. Street Appearance & Modifications
    Hey everyone I’m new here but I would like to see what mods everyone has done to their bike. I have done a few myself and have made some videos of myself doing them, I’m not an expert at all but I had fun doing it. I’ll post a link and let me know what you all think and what I should do next...
1-3 of 3 Results