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  1. Harley-Davidson Street Parts & Accessories
    I am in search of a company that specializes in custom XG750 kits to make the motorcycle look more “Flat track” similar to the XG750R that Harley produces for flat track. I am looking for a tail kit to make it a street tracker with lights, but still keep heritage with a flat track inspired shape...
  2. Street Appearance & Modifications
    Thought I'd share a quick post on the mustang touring seat I just got for my 2015 xg750, specifically the fit. I saw a lot of pictures of this seat on these forums where the HD sissy bar bolts pressed into the back of the seat. I'm pleased to report that it appears that Mustang modified the seat...
  3. Harley-Davidson Street Parts & Accessories
    So I'm wondering, has anyone put a spring back seat on their street rod? I'm considering doing the conversion but hoping someone has done it and has pics and advice already? A seat simular to this.
1-3 of 3 Results