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  1. Street Appearance & Modifications
    Hey All, After much thought (procrastination) and a bit of trial and error, I’ve finally got my tail tidied. It wasn’t as hard as expected. Simple steps: 1. Cardboard cut-out template (at least a dozen attempts) 2. Aluminum sheet template (only 4 tries to get it to fit) 3. Gal steel sheet cut...
  2. Street Appearance & Modifications
    Hi guys Im from South Africa. I have a street rod. I have done my own tail tidy for now. Was wondering if anyone has physical dimensions for the rear of the bike as well as the OEM tail light? I have a pdf of the Vance and Hines tail tidy without dimensions or angles. Would like to get these...
  3. Street Appearance & Modifications
    I know everyone has complained about the way the rear brake has been placed on the XG750A :) Has anyone seen workarounds or new parts to make it more comfortable? I am over complaining as I have gotten used to the riding position butttttt, if there are any aftermarket parts or setups people...
1-4 of 4 Results