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1st used HD Street for sale

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Somebody is trying to sell their HD Street 750 already? Seriously?

Used 2014 Harley Davidson Street 750 Standard (S14589) for sale in Hyderabad
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1. possible fake - I recently replied to an ad for a HD fatboy being sold at one third the price , turned out a con as the person asked me for a deposit saying bike has mutiple bidders .

2. Maybe in urgent need of immediate cash .

My opinion is fake(the photos are from a online magazine ) because of the low price qouted and I have personally noticed significant number of fake ads for Harley bikes being offered at half or one third price with the story that it belongs to someone from a foreign embassy who urgently needs to return to his nation.
if it was near or same as ex showroom , then one could assume unsatisfied customer.
Not bad, seems to be in good condition, at least it didn't seem like he might have dropped it or anything
well my first question is, did Indian deliveries even begin yet?
well my first question is, did Indian deliveries even begin yet?

What all going on! People not satisfied with their Street 750 bikes or bunch of fakes out there.
Hi guys, today I hv talked to this guys and its totally fake news.

He told me that I hv imported this bike from uk, but as we know this bike is not launched yet in uk.

He told me the reason for sale is that he is moving to France.

I hv asked him to click a pic of bike with him and send to me but he has denied.

It totally FAKE FAKE n he is F*** guy.

Devender Singh Brar
[email protected]
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Obvious they are all fakes , pictures are more online reviews etc etc . Go search for pre owned harley bikes in general , 4/5 ads are fake .
just trying to take advantage of the hype. They know the lineups are long ;)
Ya! Received a call from him, I was told that he imported the bike from UK and all that BLAH.....BLAH.....BLAH....

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We have that problem over here with Craigslist. It is not uncommon to see the same item for sale in several states at the same time. Generally, if a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is. A non-local phone number is also a red flag, but we have a military base nearby, so many folks around here have out of state cell numbers.
I have had more scammers after me than actual interested buyers when listing anything on Craigslist. Funny how a guy who is working on an offshore drill rig is willing to pay me more than my asking asking price on an old used riding lawn mower. LOl, some people just need to get a life.
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Nice we all got in to it. Maybe we should have a thread dedicated to these scams so fellow riders don't fall for it.

When bikes are this new offered for a bragain price and when the words send and money gets involved thats a big red flag lol. :)
one of those things where its just best to wait it out
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