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In South Africa on the last Saturday of each year a country wide Toy Run is organised. This year was the 33rd Toy Run to take place and an estimated 100,000 bikes were expected. I went to the Durban event and my son-in-law went to the Johannesburg one which by his pictures was much larger than ours.

The main aim of the Toy Run is that each biker and passenger brings a soft toy to add to the days collection. All these toys are then donated to charities who in turn hand them out as Christmas gifts to the under privileged. In many cases these gifts are treasured as it will be the only gift they will get from anyone. Many of the bikers went overboard and carried an insane amount to the venue. Overall this year the response was over the top with the biggest collection of toys ever.

Out of the many pics taken here are a few:

Durban toys: I was lucky to get into the first group of departing riders, so this was the start of the toy pile.
Joburg crowds: There were a lot more bikes that attended this event.
Lost Street: In all the thousands of bikes taking part in the Durban event my Street was the only one there!
Many toys: Just shows how some went overboard.
Rules: This gives you an idea how things went.


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