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2015 V-Twin Expo - looking for parts...

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...and not many found. Seems like it's still early days for the Street 500 & 750 here in the US. At last weekend;s V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati, I was specifically looking for new parts for the Street 500 & 750.

What I found was encouraging, but still a long way from where the aftermarket needs to be for me to drop $7500 on a demo bike.

A shout-out to my friends Saddlemen Seats who offers two new seats: a very cool cafe racer solo seat with gloss black cowl and a full 2-up replacement seat.

Vance & Hines has a slip-on as we all know, but I could not find another mfgr who is dipping their toes into the Street waters.

I did find a very nice programmable replacement EFI ECU at the show. I just checked the mfgr's web site and there is no mention of it, so it must be brand new. Once I learn more... I'll post the details.

I can still see some synergy between my current Triumph parts business and the new market for the Street. You just might see me diving in head-first some time soon.

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