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Here's an annual mileage challenge which is in addition to our monthly challenge. It's simple, post a picture of your odometer at any time for your beginning mileage and one at the end. Challenge ends December 31, 2021. If you own more than one bike then total miles on all count (only your miles count, not other rider miles), just have to submit beginning and ending readings for all bikes. Any questions or suggestions? Let's have some fun with this. I've got a few ideas on what the "winner" gets, give me a bit to work on my idea. Here a copy of spreadsheet using those who participate in the monthly challenge.


Addition: In the event you trade or sell, post a pic of the outgoing mileage and the new bike mileage. If you forget to take a pic of the odometer, then the paper work from the sale which should show mileage would suffice.
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