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I had that information, and just deleted it! I'll see if I can find it again, but I'm thinking the answer you're seeking will be "no"



You'll see that the Street 500 & Street 750 for 2015-2016 has a Standard Front Rim size as 17x2.5, taking a 100/80-17 tire. The Standard Rear Rim is 15x3.0, taking a 140/75-15 tire.

You should be safe upgrading to a Front Rim size of 18x2.75, with a Front Tire of 110/90-18.

You should be safe upgrading the Rear Rim size to a 18x4.25, with a Rear Tire of 160/60-18.

Check the "table" closely. You'll probably notice that there are other HD bikes with interchangeable tires for the Street (eg: 2016 Sportster Roadster "rear")
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