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Well, following on from my previous post about mpg being roughly the same at high speed as low speed touring - (I would agree that there were likely other factors involved) - today I had a gentle tootle from (in the UK) Wolverhampton - Matlock - Buxton - Ashbourne - Wolverhampton, 147 miles in total. I made sure the bike was full of fuel before setting off and filled her up on my return.

Unbelievably for the 147 mile trip I only used 10.65 litres. That equates to around 61mpg! Speeds were around 50 - 65 with occasional short bursts of 70+. Also the fuel light never came on before I filled up, which I think would be right anyway cos I believe it comes on at the 2 litres left point?

Only problem is the bike is feckin' filthy now and my Mrs has refused to clean it!!

New wife required methinks ! ;)


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