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I guess this would apply to anyone that has driven an air-cooled HD, and a Street 500 or 750, but I know Stonefree has both...
"After riding the Street with the new Revo-X engine, do you find it less appealing to hop on the Sportster now?"

The reason I ask is that since I have had my VRSCR Street Rod, I find myself riding it most all of the time instead of the Sporty (just don't tell Puneet):rolleyes:. The better suspension and brakes are great, but I am starting to think that I prefer the Revo engine over the Evo engine on the Sportster. I prefer the exhaust note, too, because I never was fond of the "peaky" Evo sound, although wound out they sound nice.
Realizing it is all subjective, I am just curious.

Anyone with an a-c HD and a VRSC is welcome to throw your two cents in too... BBally? We already know where DT stands on the subject, lol.:p

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I ride the VRSCA on almost all short trips. I still prefer the FLSTFB for long cruises. Just a better ride IMO.

Having rode the Street but only for a few hours, I for me it will be my daily rider. But more because of weight than anything else.

I think the revolution engine is Harley's best engine.

I don't have enough time yet on the Rev X to have an opinion on the long term engine satisfaction.
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