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Accessories from USA

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Hi All,

I've been following this forum since few months and this is my first post:)

I'm new to the bike scene and have been learning quite a few things from all you guys;)

I have booked the street 750 in Bangalore few months back and expecting the delivery in December, hopefully.

Now my question is, my sister is coming to India from USA and I can ask her to get me some accessories for the street 750. Could you guys please suggest me any accessories that we don't have in India or are much cheaper in the USA including the riding gear?

Thanks to all0:)


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I would suggest that along with staying on top of what gets posted in this forum, that you also always check ebay and amazon for any new products that pop up as some vendors are quick to throw their products up their.
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The 2015 Harley Davidson accessory catalog has lots of stuff for the Street. Quite a bit more than on the HD website. Perhaps the dealers in India have the catalog. Then your sister could order and bring so stuff to you. I would think that any Harley shop in the US would help her out.
Good point, it might be worth it to speak with a few dealers to see what they have, hopefully they have the catalog.
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