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Additions to Layla, my Street 750

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I added the mirror extensions, blind spot mirors, powerport with 12V and USB (for my GPS), windscreen, and luggage rack.


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National Cycle, Deflector Screen DX. The part numbers are N2594 $134.95 for a clear shield or N2595 $149.95 for a tinted shield.

I am looking for saddle bags next.

EKLIPES EK1-110B Black Cobra Ultimate Motorcycle USB Charging System, bought it on amazon $23.76. Came with everything needed to mount and connect to the battery. There is a BMW connector also that you can use to Jump start the bike.

The bike comes with a trickle charger connector. You may also want this for long periods where you do not run your bike. Black & Decker BM3B 6V and 12V Battery Charger / Maintainer $19.99 on amazon.
I have moved the angle and changed it up several times. What I have seems to work for me. I am sure there is some air moving through the gap. The harley windscreen requires you to remove the headlight cowling which I did not want to do.
I would say that comes down to personal preference because technically you're supposed to be looking over the windshield when riding. It really is about blocking the wind to reduce riding fatique (and to keep the bugs off you jacket - LOL).
The installation I have allows me to look over the windscreen, blocks the wind and I am not picking bugs off my clothes. I guess it is doing the job.
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The Mirror extension and blind spot is good. I'm planning to go for it. What's the make and did you buy it online?

Black Mirror Extension Kit-56000042 from Harley. You will need to purchase a bolt to attach and make a spacer for the length of the mirror thread. Several pictures on the forum of people doing it differently. This kit is meant for a different bike.

2 Pcs Silver Tone Auto Convex Glasses 1.5" Rear View Blind Spot Mirror
by Amico Price: $5.91 amazon prime.
Pictures are already posted in this thread and others.
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