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After Market wheels on HD Street 500

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I am considering changing the wheels on a HD Street 500 front wheel from 17″ to 19″ and rear from 15″ to 17″. I was told that this will affect the ABS of the bike. Does anyone know what modifications or replalcement unit of ABS I need to do to ensure that after changing the wheels that the ABS system will still work?

Thanks in advance...
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Hi Kean_Lim
I am fairly sure that as the ABS disc/rotor is fitted to the hub of the wheels, and the sensor picks up the signal as the wheel rotates.. I don't think fitting different sized wheels would alter the ABS operation.
That said, you will have to consider the fact that as the wheel is bigger it will have a larger circumference and rolling distance. This will affect your speedo accuracy and therefore the speed at which the ABS becomes active. Although only a small-ish difference it may affect handling. I would suggest going to your local HD shop and speaking to a friendly HD technician, who can advise you in what you are trying to achieve, and the issues you may face.
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