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If I can make a suggestion. When ordering Harley parts, do it from Boardtracker.com They are a Harley dealer in WI and offer great prices over Harley-Davidson.com Same parts/part numbers...All Harley original parts.

Let's see if I can list the changes -
chrome typhoon rims
polished rotors
10mm phat spark plug wires (orange)
Loose cannon slip on
FP3 tuner
K/N air filter
skull air cover
skull right and left side covers
chrome oil line cover
chrome drag bars with narrow band billet grips
skull mirrors
tank knee pads
led headlight (amazon knock off brand)
tuffside distressed diamond stitch seat cover
Skull foot controls and footpegs front and back

I'm happy :)


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NICE! Very nice! I love what you did. (I checked into BoardTracker once before and they will not ship to Canada)
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