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Hi so Im from Australia and I have a street 500, I bought it stock, and new from a dealer.
I was planning on fabricating a slip on muffler, so I took the factory muffler off for measurements, and I noticed that the catalytic converter section is hollow? its just a straight pipe through a cat shaped shell. I can shine a torch all the way to the collector and individual headers.

My knowledge of catalytic convertors tells me it should have a honeycomb like mesh structure inside?
So im thinking for the Australian market, HD ommitted the cat converter, as we have different emissions regulations?
Im not sure if anyone here would know this information?

My main concern is that everything ive reads says if i change the muffler only and leave the cat, I dont need a new tune. But since it doesnt look like I have a cat, that might mean i will have to fork out $$$ for a tune since it might run too lean without the backpressure?

Thoughts? Will I definetly need a tune?
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