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Beeline Relocation

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Last Thursday I had the opportunity to use my Beeline navigation system. I was starting from a place I've been to several times. My destination was a place that my starting point was different. So I put the nav to work. My default was no highways for the route. The route was pleasant and direct. I never would have put the routing together in my own head.
The Beeline uses a phone app. It shows the actual road map. At the top of the screen you see the distance to the next turn... and there's a pointer, right, left, or bend. I also was looking at the face of the beeline. It has some condensed graphics. Distance to turn and the direction. The actual Beeline was located dead center on my handlebars. That's lower than the iPhone. I decided to move it higher up. I got it right next to the meter.
I got a Ram ball mount on the bar. Then a 3" arm and the Beeline mount. Vehicle Fuel tank Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive tire

I'm sure the next time I 'Beeline' my sight lines will be better.


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Hi, I also use the Beeline, really very small and pleasant but perhaps not suitable for the city or for very complicated crossings.
In fact, seeing only one arrow does not help if there are many junctions. However, it is excellent for the countryside or if you are not in a hurry to find places. I made a special bracket to place it.
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My Beeline has an app on my iPhone. This way my phone is my map and a second notification. I agree, the Beeline itself is not as good as when paired with the phone as an additional display.
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