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cedaredge Applefest.... a weekend ride

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Wife and I go to Cedaredge on the bike every year. One, because it is a nice little place with a good time. Two, the ice will be forming on the roads northsides, so it will be one of the last rides over the 10,500 ASL Grand Mesa of the year,....... sometimes we get lucky and get a Thanksgiving Chinook that will allow a ride. But rented a place in Scotsdale for Thanksgiving this year....

I pack the Cooltec bag on this one to keep things cold we buy.

Also fill the crockpot with a chili so it will be close to ready when we return.....

My wife checking out the place.....

A giant yellow tittiiee

Found two types of apples this year that are amazing....

Drove home and did hit ice for a couple hundred yards. Always tightens the gluts up a lot........ She turned some of the apples into an after chili desert.....

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Your Cooltec bag is twice the size of the backpack I use for a week or more long road trip. I travel very light.

A little apple trivia I learned after I move to Washington. All apples that you buy at the market are at least a year old. All large commercial apple crops are placed into cold storage for a year before they're ready to be sold for some bazaar reason.
Looks like an awesome weekend. The food looks soooooooo good.

Agree that is a huge bag.
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