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Check out this Akrapovic Harley-Davidson Open-Line Exhaust

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Akrapovic is expanding its product line in the cruiser segment with new additions to the Open-Line range. The new Akrapovic exhaust systems are engineered to meet the increased power and torque demands H-D owners are looking for, while adding some extreme looks to the machines.

The exhausts are made from stainless steel and are available in chrome or black-coated. As a complete exhaust system, the package includes the headers, mufflers, heat shields and even an optional noise-reduction insert for those who want to increase performance without a big noise level increase.

The new Akrapovic system can be fitted to Harley-Davidson models including: Fat Boy, Electra Glide, Switchback, and Road King, among others. The system is easy to install requiring no bike modifications. The system comes with detailed schematics and explanations, and a special engine mapping for customers who want more performance from their machines.

Its pretty crazy how lightweight this exhaust is Looks great and has great performance enhancements too.

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It's awesome actually ,if they produce one for street I will definitely buy it :)
It will suit 750 perfectly :D
Their system for late model V-Rods uses a stainless steel header and titanium end can. While it only adds four horse according to their literature, it is a full 13.6 kg (30 lbs for the metrically declined) lighter than the stock exhaust. It also meets EU noise regs with the included baffle. It will lighten your wallet to the tune of about $1000, give or take depending on where you buy it. Shop wisely.
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Got major decell pop on a 2007 FLHX after installing HD Stage 4 with SE pro tuner
The exhaust looks awesome!! Would look great on the street :D
Wonder how it compares with the screaming eagle exhaust in terms of pricing.
$$$$$$$$$$ akrapovic
You get what you pay for with Akrapovic. Unlike someone who posts stuff here about staggered duals, Akrapovic has an engineering staff and part of that high cost is paying for the basic research, prototyping and testing that is done to ensure their products actually perform better than the stock exhaust while meeting sound regulations. Most Harley aftermarket exhaust systems perform worse than the stock part (yes, that is possible) while making a lot of racket in the process because the people selling them aren't engineers and don't test their pipes for power delivery. Akrapovic products are good enough to be offered as an OEM option with full factory warranty by both BMW and KTM. Their pipes meet EU noise regulations. That kind of quality, and all the research and testing that is required to get there, costs money but I think it's money well spent.
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The exhaust looks awesome!! Would look great on the street :D
Wonder how it compares with the screaming eagle exhaust in terms of pricing.
The Akrapovic full system for a V-Rod costs about $1000 US dollars. It is much more expensive than the SE slip ons Harley sells for V-Rods. However, the Akrapovic system is thirty pounds (13 kg) lighter than the stock exhaust. The next lightest system for a V-Rod, from Vance and Hines, is still fifteen pounds heavier than the Akrapovic system. There is probably no other way to lose that much weight from a V-Rod for that little money, aside from any improvement in power delivery you get. That is a huge weight reduction on a motorcycle. SE stuff is as heavy as the stock parts it replaces. You get what you pay for.
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the weight savings alone seem to be worth it

not knocking akra

im just saying they are pricey
I have a 2007 FLHX and am looking into the Akra 2-1 short pipe. It looks awesome, I expect loudness. What I need to know is this...
The system comes with mapping, so do I need a tuner? If so, what do you guys recommend?
Also, I have a stage 2 air cleaner, is that enough breathing for this?
If you guys have any input here, I would greatly appreciate it.
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