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Took the Fat Boy Lo on a little trip over County Road 12 with my wife. We were out for a couple days just driving around with no where to be. Stayed in Redstone Colorado at the Redstone Inn for the night and decided to check out the dirt road from Paonia across to Crested Butte.

Since the Fat Boy Lo is world renowned for its dual sport capability I figured it would be fine. It was........

Saturday we stopped in Marble Colorado after doing the McClure pass. This is where the marble for the Tomb of the Unknown Solder was quarried!

Ate at Slow Grooving Barbeque in Marble..... Nice folks motorcycle friendly......

Stayed Saturday Night at Redstone Inn in Redstone Colorado ran the bar bill up a little. Free blues concert in the park as well. Nice place...

Sunday Morning packed up and headed out to somewhere... eventually decided it would be good to do County Road 12 over Kebler Pass.

Lots of flowers blooming in the 9000 foot elevation and higher areas

The aspen grove on Route 12 is the largest single living grove in North America. Everyone of the trees is from the same single root. The single root system supports every aspen tree in the valley.

It is a very good ride......

Nice ride overall. Had rained a little the night before so dust was not a problem.

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411 miles Colorado Mountain Passes

So I cleaned the VRSCA up Friday night anticipating a little run on Saturday.

Saturday morning I put couple hundred in my pocket and headed out with the tank bag strapped in place.

Left my house in Clifton Colorado and headed down the 141 to Gateway Colorado. For some reason I did not take a picture of Gateway, Colorado.

Next down the 141 to Naturita Colorado....... beautiful canyon ride.

From Naturita I headed east through the Uravan, Colorado Uranium mines from the World War II era! Nothing there now but an empty fields where the town used to be....... continuing on to Norwood Colorado.....

From Norwood I head onto the 146 to get to Ridgway, Colorado....

Still feeling really good at Ridgway so I decided to head up the 550 to Ouray Colorado.....

While in Ouray Colorado I called my daughter, told her I was still feeling really good and was riding further. Was she at her place? Yes, then could she find me a motel in Durango I was going to ride the million dollar highway from Ouray to Silverton and then onto Durango where I would have to spend the night. I ate lunch while she worked the computer to find a room...

The Ride over the Passes was worth it... what great weather... I only had my Blue jeans on and a Marine Corps shooter shirt... but screw it I was going...... Stopped at the 11,018 Foot level for a picture in front of the sign... winding roads, switch backs.... and all kinds of bikes to pass!

Bike Running great down the other side to Silverton Colorado....

From there it is over Molas pass and Coal Bank pass then down the hill to Durango Colorado.. a great town that is very bike friendly. Daughter found me a room at the econolodge... the V-rod and 32 other bikes all staying there!

Almost everywhere you can park your bike, lots of other bikes around, just angle in backwards next to them.

They have the Durango Silverton narrow gauge train. I like the V-rod cause it is light enough to hit some of the two track ranch roads and get interesting places. I don't know how many of you trail you bike, but this machine does a nice job on the two tracks if they are not wet........ The rest are just photos of things I did....

Going home the next morning an interesting thing, I felt like driving like an assssshole since I was alone driving it.... so I opened up the throttles to see how fast I could do the passes.... As I was passing the slower bikes in groups I noticed a bike keeping up with me... about half way it passes me... BMW touring bike, so we kept up the back and forth lead thing for 90 miles, then I was lead when I pulled over to take a picture of the waterfall..... he stopped, guy from Holland riding the USA.... wanted to know what kind of Harley can run like that.... I told him the new one... the V-Rod.... we then rode (mostly raced) the rest of the way back to Montrose lots of fun!

If you ever get out this way ride this ride... its worth it!

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Making it up to Colorado and riding the train is definitely on my bucket list ! What beautiful country !
Baby you are young, you don't need a bucket list... you need a livin' list!!!

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One of the best looking fat boys Ive ever seen! :)

Thanks for sharing your adventures with us. Keep em coming please
That silver one is a Vrod....

The black one is the Fatboy Lo
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