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Many of us commute daily and with nice weather it's great. But how about the cold, hot, rain, etc. Many people want to commute more but find different weather conditions a challenge. What gear are you using to commute? I'm a daily commuter, with a simple rule, if it's not raining when I leave, I take the bike. With that said, I tolerate a lot of heat, rain and cold thru out the year. Rain is probably the most challenging. I've owned a lot rain gear but the last few years the Olympia set I have has been the best. It keeps me dry, has material inside the leg that is heat resultant so exhaust will not burn and very visible.


Here's a video of my ride home today. I shortened the 45 minutes commute a lot but it's still pretty long. Caught a good down pour at about the 7 minute mark.

What gear tips do you have?
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