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There are a lot of things about these bikes that people want to customize, but the one thing everybody agrees on is that the stock mirrors don't cut it. The narrow handlebars mean the mirrors are only out far enough to give a panoramic view of your own arms.
  • Krator makes some extensions that are very popular as they are effective and inexpensive. They move the mirrors out to each side about 2", which is what is really needed. They are flappable so you can decide whether you want to raise the mirrors up about 1" or so. Use the search feature to find the applicable threads and probably some links to buy them.
  • I've used some Drag Specialties extensions that were just a double threaded extension tube that moved the stock mirrors straight up 2". That was helpful, but they didn't hold up under use. The castings cracked and I nearly lost mirrors within a few thousand miles.
  • Currently I use the H-D long stem mirrors. These move the mirrors out 2" but don't raise them. This works for me, but the cost is considerably more than the Krator extensions.
As you customize your bike, be sure to hang on to all the parts that you remove that are working as poorly designed. That way you will have them as spares, and also to reinstall should you sell the bike in the future. Many of the custom parts have resale value here or in classified ads, but the stock parts don't. At lot of mods don't make a difference in trade in or resale value, so you might as well put the stock stuff back on.

What is your riding experience and how are you using the XG?
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