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Custom 2016 Street 750

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My husband customized my 2016 Street 750 for me. Now I really like it! Just sharing with this community.

Modifications include:
1. Cafe racer style rear fender
2. Custom solo seat
3. 200mm wide tire conversion
4. Side mount license plate bracket
5. Upper fork tubes covers
6. Front and Rear Axle Nut Covers
7. LED Fork Wrap-Arounds Turn Signals
8. Vance & Hines Slip-On Muffler
9. Vance & Hines Fuelpak FP3 Autotuner
10. Joker Machine Concealed Bar End Mirrors
11. Progressive Shocks
12. Blackout LED Headlight
13. Black bolts
14. Coolant Hose Cover Kit

15. Brake Rotors Powder-Coat Center
16. Custom painted Speedo, Gas Cap, and Shift Rod
17. K&N Air Filter
18. Drag handlebar



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I like the aggressive look that your changes have made to your bike. Ride safe.
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Wow I really dig that rear tire. If you have time could you tell us more about it? Does it fit the stock wheel?
What is the brand ? Thanks in advance
Good looking custom 750 Street you built! You will probably notice a slightly lower engine RPM at highway speed with that larger diameter rear tire. It probably even gets slightly better fuel mileage at highway speed now as well. Pay attention to the indicated speed shown on the speedometer now. You will actually be riding slightly faster than the indicated speed on the gauge because the speedometer runs off an electric pickup sensor on the engine. It's set up from factory to have the original wheel & tire size to give an accurate display of driving speed and odometer mileage traveled. By putting the bigger tire on the back it now thinks the bike is traveling a little slower than you really are because of the reduced engine RPM in all gears. Not a big deal on the highway but important to know in the city when riding through school zones or playground zones.
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Thanks for the compliments everyone!

The rear tire is on a 17" replica street wheel purchased from zeeldesign. The tire itself is a Scorcher 200/55/17.

Triple S, thanks for the info on how the larger tire affects the speedometer...right on about school zones and playgrounds.
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Very nice looking bike!!

I was wondering about the Progressive Shocks, the rear ones are the 412 Series shocks? Did you change the front as well, and how do they feel? I am thinking of changing mine because they feel a bit stiff and the Warr's dealership here in London UK recommended these ones instead of the Ohlins as they are cheaper.

Also, the Blackout LED Headlight is it from HD or somewhere else? Could you please tell me the one you used?

Thank you and ride safe!
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