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Custom Exhaust - 750

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Hello everyone.

I've had my 750 for about 5 months now.

For one I love the sound of the Revolution X engine. It sounds throaty and deep. I decided to build a custom straight pipe exhaust for mine with my dad's help. I'll outline the costs and time below:

Pre-Planning: 1 hr
Build time: 3 hrs
Install time: 2 hours
Total time: 6 hours

Now the costs:
Down turn pipes: $15 - Advance Auto Parts
Y-Pipe: $25 - Pep Boys
Soldering labor: $20 - Local Muffler Shop
FHT Flame Proof Paint: $10 - Advance Auto Parts
Exhaust Heat Wrap: $30 - Advance Auto Parts
Sandpaper: $4 - Walmart
Total: $104

I drew out what I wanted real quick on a small piece of paper and kept thinking and researching on the things I needed to get to make this happen. I found all the things I needed and got to work.

To be honest the most challenging part was the exhaust wrap because of the tight spots and such. Everything else was just sizing up the pipes to each other, taking it to the muffler shop, sanding, painting and installing, making a wonderful Saturday afternoon go by fairly quickly.

Below is an album with some pictures. And if you feel lazy then attached is a picture of what it looks like now that it's done. Enjoy!

Bike Exhaust Build - Album on Imgur


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Nice looking for a home exhaust modification. Kudos.
Sweet job, I love seeing home made projects like that.
How does it sound and did you re-map your computer to handle it for being so lean? what about baffling on the piping?
Looks nice! I'm also curious about the sound and how it runs?
I put the exhaust pipe wrap on without removing the pipes from my street 750. Looks awesome! Below is the link to the video and my YouTube channel.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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