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Custom Harley-Davidson Street 500 by Speed Merchants

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This is a custom Harley-Davidson Street 500 that was done by Speed Merchants. There have been a lot of changes made to this bike.

Brandon of Speed Merchants led the project, and got rid of the forks, wheels, fenders, batter, subframe, controls, and the stock exhaust. Removing all that stuff saw the Street 500 lose around 22 kg, which is always a good thing.

The new forks were supplied by Huntington Beach H-D, and have been equipped with a Speed Merchant triple tree made for a 48 Sportster. Sun Aluminum rims were put in and a SM bracket was used to accomodate the Tokico brake caliper.

The rear subframe was completely re-designed, which freed up a lot of space underneath the seat. Brandon leveled the rear end and aligned it to the front end and the raised tank in order to give the Street 500 a new stance.

There is also a new rear fender made from aluminum, and a new seat covered in a Bates Leather tuck-and-roll cushion.

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Very interesting looking bike. The rear suspension is cool and I like how they have modified the frame of the bike too. I like the black/gold/white color scheme too.
what a difference from stock, they should have got another street, one that's stock and took a picture of the both of them side by side.
What happened to the belt drive? I see a chain drive here.
Looks like some kind of off-road Enduro to me, but who would want to ride like that with a bike that has a radiator? If that is what they were shooting for they accomplished it. Personally I think it sucks. What a waste of what once was a beautiful machine.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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