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I had John Longo customize the seat on my 2016 Street 750. The stock set up had several problems. It was too low. My hip joint was not happy. I would have to slide backwards sometimes. So, I rode into John's shop and we got started.
John uses a level, like a carpenter. The stock set up leans forward. Yes, because it's too low it was straining my joints. Also, it was awkward running the brakes and gear shift. He added a layer of his foam. We checked out the fit. It was still too low. He fitted another layer of foam. Then it was getting right. He took some material out from the center of the seat. John explained that our seat bones are designed to bear our weight on a saddle.... not our 'soft parts'! The center slot keeps my weight from where it shouldn't be and the seat fits my weight where it should be.
Next, he reduced the width to make it easier to sit and get a leg down. He knows how to shape a seat better than anyone. It was like getting a tailor made suit to order by a master of the craft.
John Longo works out of Rockville, Maryland, north of Washington, DC.
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