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G'day guys

New user take it easy ?

I just brought a street 500, hate how it looks but love harley and it's the only one I'm allowed to ride, so I am changing just about everything. Big project. Any help is seriously appreciated. I haven't done a bike up before so if something doesn't make sense PLEASE do pull me up on it.

1 ) front end looks like it's come straight off a posty bike, so I want to beef it up. I want a vrod front or something equally chunky. I don't know if a vrod triple tree will fit the 500 head stem? ( think I have that right)

2) I'm cutting the hoop off the frame on the rear and installing a cafe seat and rear fender from tuffside. I want to find longer swing arm to fit a 200 mm tyre on an 18 inch rim and then change the shocks to drop the rear fender to hug the tyre.

3) I'm getting the foot controls moved forward by harley

4 ) I'm taking off the canon exhaust and having a custom short twin exhaust made.

Has anyone here done this level of customizing to a 500 ?

Hope to get some replies here boys, it's all new ground for me ?
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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