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Dealership cost for initial oil change

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When I bought my Street 750 from the dealership a couple months ago, they recommended that I bring it back after 1,000 miles for an oil change. Today I was told that it would cost $300 plus tax for the oil change which also includes a 31 point "inspection". I guess that I will do it myself for that amount - ridiculous :eek:
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My dealer indicated it would be closer to $400 IIRC. They touted the factory recommended inspection but then said "they checked more."

Can anyone explain why a 5 or 6 quart oil and filter change is less than a third of the cost?
I did my own oil change and filter, they charged me $100 for the rest. I didn't think that was so bad.
I did my own Oil Change. Adjusted my Clutch. The Dealer did the 1K. I don't recall the exact amount. Found out later on, I was Low on Brake Fluid for the Rear. No leaks. Found it when I changed the Pads to EBC.
Back in May, Manila H-D charged me 7300 Philippine Pesos (approx $165) for my 1600km (1000 mile) service. would have been 8000 had i opted for synthetic oil but the service rep recommended the standard, lower priced oil since i didn't ride all that often (six months to go 1000 miles)
Ridiculous!!!! I wouldn't even charge you guys that much if you brought it to me... I'd charge something but not that much... HD hundred dollars yeah... Glad I have all my certs (AWS, ASE), my degree, and my experience... Screw that crap...
I was under the impression you had to have the first service at the dealer to keep up the warranty.
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I was under the impression you had to have the first service at the dealer to keep up the warranty.
Yup....................Miss that critical one and you'll have a harder time with warranty repair in the future. If you do anything else (oil changes, etc.) make sure you keep all your receipts to prove the work
Supposedly the first service entails them going over the whole bike and remedying any issues. I'm on the fence as to whether I'll do that or not since the price is probably gonna be as high as 400. Obviously an oil change should be well under 100. I'm sure most bikes are fine and it's really just a scare tactic to make a quick buck, but if they deny warranty based on not doing this service it could really hurt down the line. I dont plan on any service until the spring so I have some time to think on it.
$160 at Harley dealer near Winterville NC. good guys there. They have taken care of me but the moco did let me down a little this summer,
First Oil Change

Well, this afternoon I did the first 1,000 mile oil change. Bought some Amsoil V-Twin full synthetic 20W50 and a chrome K&N oil filter. Runs pretty sweet now.
Yup, I was surprised the difference when I went to syn (Amsoil), the bike especially shifted much better.
I let them do the 1k and 5k but with only 4 months left on the warranty..10k ill do myself i think.
1000k miles service

My Dealer in Rocky Mt NC said the 1000k mile service would be free....part of the deal when I bought it. I have about 300 miles to go so I will let you know. After the freebie I will do my own.
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