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Last weekend I dropped by Loess Hills H-D for a little horse trading. They are doing a 15% discount on any helmet if you trade in a helmet. Having inherited a 35-year old snowmobile helmet I thought I could come out ahead on the deal, so wandered over on over. As I entered the parking lot, what do I see but a semi trailer that has just disgorged a whole bunch of demo bikes:

My sales guy, Karl, cornered me and insisted that I should go on the next test ride. I didn't want to waste their time, as I don't think that I will be buying another bike for at least another year. Karl insisted, though, so we went up and saw what hadn't been claimed. Only three bikes were left, and I noticed the 48 special was one of them, so that's what I wanted to go on. Karl insisted that I should go on the Sport Glide, though. He tells me that's where he sees me headed down the road. After some back and forth I signed up for it.

This is the bike:

It's a great looking bike, I'll grant you that. While waiting for the ride to leave, I checked out the display models and found that he was sending me out on a $20K motorcycle. I was a bit nervous about that.

We went out for the ride and everything went well. I was at the very back of the pack, which was good because I had some difficulty keeping up. The ride wasn't exactly my riding style, as most of the guys ahead of me were much more keen to get on the gas than I was. All in all, though, I enjoyed the bike and found that I had little trouble handling it despite being much larger and nearly 200 pounds heavier than my xg750. It balanced extremely well, and I adapted quickly to the forward controls. That mini-batwing fairing helps a lot, but I think I would spring for the added protection of the 5.5" windshield instead of the stock one.

When I got home, I did some research on this model, if you can call watching YouTube videos research. I've stated before that I'd like to get my XG set up as a baby bagger with a Memphis Shades batwing fairing and some hard bags. That's almost exactly what the Sport Glide is, except bigger, better and faster. Sometimes I think that Karl knows my wants and needs better than I do.
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