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Before you watch the video, I'd like to explain the scenario.

I was at a house party with a few good friends of mine. After a few hours at the house, we all decided to go down to the creek a few miles out. We filled the crew cab and bed of a Silverado and two ATVs with people wanting to join us. (Welcome to bored teenagers in Oklahoma.) Not wanting to miss out, I made the idiotic decision of riding my Street 500 (emphasis on Street) down the tall grass fields and dirt trails to the creek. I made my way through the field of grass up to the beginning of the dirt trail leading to the creek, as I stopped to pull the vines out that were stuck in between my heat shield and brake lever. At this point, everyone started getting way ahead of me. I picked up some speed trying to get closer to them, going straight into all of the kicked up dust that blocked my vision of the trail. I got up to around 30-40mph before I was able to see the 3-foot mound of dirt in the middle of the trail just as it was too late to avoid it. I instinctively pulled in my clutch and cursed myself out for the decisions I made leading up to this moment in my head. Bike went up, and bucked me off the top. I ducked and was able to roll instead of making blunt impact into the ground.

Here's the full video, showing the footage of the wreck and the bike afterwards.

No broken bones, just some deep tissue bruising on my hip and back.

To recap;
Be aware of the road in front of you before you hoon your ass down it.
If you can't see the conditions of the road, stop and wait for whatever is impairing your vision to subside.
Or just don't be braindead and take your street bike off the street.
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