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FatBoy makes an appearance in my Terminator Medley!

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I've always been a huge Arnold Schwarzenegger fan. I've literally seen every single movie he starred in since birth, starting with The Terminator movies, Predator, Commando, Total Recall, and ending with his awesome appearances in new movies such as The Expendables series. I was shocked to hear about the upcoming Terminator movie "Genisys" and thought I'd pay him a tribute by drumming to this amazing Terminator medley I mixed myself.

I am sure all you Harley fans will love hearing the FatBoy's roar in the video's introduction!
For all you Terminator fans out there here's my Terminator Medley drum cover tribute.
Spent a good amount of this week mixing this video together, and had so much fun being a Terminator drummer for that one video haha, I would appriciate all the feedback I can get from you guys!


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I guess the questions are do you ride mototcycles and do you own or plan on purchasing a Harley?
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