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First look bars, wires and levers

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Since the bike is being purchased as a project bike. I have begun to look at things I think can be done to make it nicer. While I have no problem with the appointments it has in its respective price class, it is no where close to what I want it to be........

First the wire harness.....

So this is what all the bitching and moaning is about on the wires. All in all not noticeable, but of course we can improve it a lot, while I don't mind the wire harness exposed (12 FLSTFB has them exposed, just dressed better) We can split the harness and dress them to the frame better. Add in a few feet of Catholic Condom and have a nicer looking project.

This is Catholic Condom (holds nothing in)

Sold as nylon filament or multi filament wire harness.

The handle bars are more than adequate for controlling the machine, but I would like the larger bars, which will mean I have to change all the controls as well to match the larger bars. Since I already own the bars I want on it (My stock FLSTFB bars are at the powder coater already) I just need to pick up the controls. Since the bars are a bit wider I may have to change the cables, but the jury is out on that til I have the bike on the table lift.

The controls are pretty basic on the bike, but not unusable.

The Clutch, I believe someone said Dirt Bikish... they are, but a wide variety of levers can be added and are available to gain leverage for those with small hands or grip strength problems, so don't discount the present controls as you can do some serious customization to them.

The Break control also has the same options for customization with off the shelf independent motorcycle shop parts to get the pull leverage that works for you.

Close up of the neck so everyone can see, pretty standard.

The beauty of the neck here to me is the triple tree has replaceable risors so the large handle bars can be added to the triple tree correctly with a large diameter riser set.

Top view of the control panel and bars. This needs some work, I have an extra set of Vrod gauges, I am hoping I can do the electrics work and patch them into the ECM system. Remains to be scene as the electrical data to date is limited.

This concludes today's pondering with Bbally section on the neck area!
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Thank you for the feedback :)

Can you focus on the connectors - like horn for example , the specimens on display here in india have 2-3 inch exposed sleeves baring the thin red/black wire , also shoddy electrical taping /insulation at certain places. Interested if this is the case in the bikes being assembled at the states or not ?

Some examples highlighting the same -


thank you ...
Awesome coverage bbally!

That catholic condom will make a world of differences. I can see that being a standard add on for every new street owner. Well, it helps sooth the sore eye ;)

Looking forward to your break down of the other section on the street!
Paint job looks better than Street 750 in India or I just feel it? Red seems to have a bettere lustre and more maroon than on Indian spec bike also black colour on frame looks to have more depth.

Or I just feel it?!
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Paint job looks better than Street 750 in India or I just feel it? Red seems to have a bettere lustre and more maroon than on Indian spec bike also black colour on frame looks to have more depth.

Or I just feel it?!
I feel the same about the paint job of the bikes in states. The paint job seems to give out more polished/ more refined feel.
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Yes the red colour looks diff from the one in India.. Red in India is more brighter

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If this is the shade of red in India I would opt for it.
dat zip tie
Yep dat be the problem!
bbally you bring up a great point. Don't be off put by what you're bring offered off the shelf. At the price point, for Harley, frees up a good chunck of change to make this bike your own. Not even a serious custom project, just simple things like you said levers, or pegs or bars. They've offered us a great jumping off point!

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