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First Monsoon on my Street

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Hi Guys,
I am worried about grip of MRF tyres on wet roads in this monsoon. Can someone share their past experiences? Is the grip good while braking and turning during rains or I need to be extra cautious?
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With over 6k miles clocked in on my 750 at this point, I have driven in the rain or after a storm has just passed atleast a dozen times. As long as you drive extra cautious, take it easy on the throttle, and give yourself more time&distance to brake, the MRF tires will do you just fine.
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my 50 years of riding experience taught me, that when it first starts raining and/or rains very little, "is when the road is most slick". after there is a heavy rain for a little while the street/road isn't as slick because it washes a lot of the slick film off of the roadway.

it is always wise to be more careful on any wet streets. reduce speed, take corners more slowly, no hard acceleration or hard braking, increase following distance and watch for hazards such as water filled pot holes or debris that may have washed onto the roadway.

I would also advise to take an advance drivers class as this will also teach you about counter steering, hazard recognition and avoidance as well as how to avoid target fixation (main cause of accidents on motorcycles.
Wet roads are the best time to practice power slides, drifting, counter steering, etc. Here in the US, my bikes have Michelin Scorchers, great shoes!
Thanks for the tips guys!!!! Will keep all this in mind. :)

Obtuse .... Don't want to try or even learn all this on Indian roads .... seems like fun though :-D
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