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hey friends,

wanted to discuss initial first rides and reviews of the street 750 to keep track on all the issues (good or bad) with this bike and how to deal with it.

I'm sure many of us are going to be stretching our budgets to get this bike instead of a Duke390 or Ninja300 or Aquilla250 so that we can join the HOGs and experience the brotherhood and lifestyle that draws us to cruisers. Thus i wish we all get the value for our hard earned money and are able to enjoy this bike to the fullest and buy and ride 750 with no regrets.

motorcycle USA has given it a favorable review and a good start for a 1st time Harley owner.

here in India i swear by Shumi's reviews (overdrive mag) and also find Autocar's review decent and reliable. awaiting other journos' take on it.

Harley-Davidson Street 750 First Ride

Harley Davidson Street 750 2014 | Bikes First Ride | Bikes 500cc-800cc | Autocar India

we all would love to hear first hand experiences from street 750 owners.
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