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A long time ago in a galaxy far far away...

1969 at Daytona

Walter Villa's world championship winning Harley at Spa

350 Harley Sprint

Cal Rayborn's Harley at Daytona 1970

Harley 2-Stroke?

The Original Wrecking Crew

Imagine what kind of comparny Harley would of become had they continued to war with the Japanese and Europeans on the Grand Prix Circuit. Imagine HD operating as one of the Japanese 4 with full fledged sportsbikes, commitments to performance, REAL HANDLING.... Its all metaphysical soup of course ;)

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Yes, but the SOHC is not going to allow it, unless they limited it with special rules for that class of bike.

The heritage and pedigree are there, the engine really needs to be a light weighted Vrod motor with a smaller punch size and piston to match. Then maybe...... in that XR frame.
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