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Greetings from Italy

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Hi, I have my Street 750 black denim since june (the only one I've seen until today in Italy) and I found this forum searching for infos on the web. This is my first bike and I'm loving it (my wife too). Very happy of my choice
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welcome aboard! I wasn't aware they were available in Europe yet! Post up some pictures when you can :D
Welcome and congrats!

Maybe if the wife love it that much maybe you should buy her oen too. :)

any photos to share with us?
He bro, congrats . I would like to add you in what's app street owners group where you will find lots of info.

I hv also requested to seniors members too , harleywest n Harley hoonigan plz respond .
Welcome mio figlio! Waiting for the 750 street here in Athens GREECE its coming in September? they say. Congrats to your bike.
I'll post some picture as soon as my wife give me the photos just made in vacation at the Bolsena's lake, near Rome. If she wants my Street, Harleyvest, she should start thinking of buying me a Street Bob, at least :)
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