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Greetings from the bottom of Africa

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Hi all. Two weeks ago I picked up my H-D 750 Street and so far just cannot stop smiling. Looking forward to just how different this bike is against all the other types I have owned.
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Welcome to H E L L !
Not really, this is a great forum! Hope you dig it as much as most of us on here do! Great bike (aside from the mirrors and the "Lag and Leap" issue)
Thanks. "Lag and Leap" has not hit me yet, but the mirror view is killing my neck!

The only issue I have had was possibly over-filling it with gas at the last fill up. While it was on the side stand leaning over, I topped up the tank to the bottom of the filler. For the next two or three times when I stopped there was a small gas puddle from the breather pipe. Lesson learned, next time I will sit on the bike and keep it straight up and see what difference it makes.

Saffa, start the sun dance so that Pretoria is a lot warmer when I am up there for my daughters birthday in September.
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welcome to the family (you can join,.. but never leave :D j/k)

we too, like this bike a lot.
and like you said, it is so different from other bikes we've ridden.

easy handling with plenty of zip.
plus, it is a fine looking bike to boot!

many of us here are mod junkies.....>:D

I think it is so cool that owners from all over the world can share their experiences about these bikes with each other, to learn and share ideas, not to mention what to look out for pertaining to any problem issues others may have with their bike.
Welcome Propnu, really enjoyed Durban when we were there several yeas ago.
Closest I can relate Durban to is the bottom of Florida - Fort Lauderdale for weather. For scenery, our end of the world is far from flat, in fact quite full of hills that offers fun places to ride.
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