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Ok so I bought a new set of bottle grips the other day and installed them they look great feel great....but I broke a rule of modifications, I DID NOT MEASURE THE OLD ONES.
So in closing when you buy new grips make sure the new ones are 5" long or a lil bit longer my new ones were 1/2" short on the throttle side and about 1/4" short on clutch side, I had the new throttle on too far when I realized this..I used dime city cycle # 20-5000 dont use get longer or be prepared to cut material off the bike, I put the new throttle grip on using soa py water snd a rubber mallet.
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I bought 125mm grips to move my controls further inward. Looks like the stock ones are close to 115mm.

Did you buy one of each size or buy two sets of grips?
No just the one set I was notating the difference in fit with the two different lengths, I determined that buying 5" or slightly longer would fit properly, the grips I bought are known as a bottle style grip-much fatter than stock-will have to cut the throttle one off if I change it out, for now I am going to find something to fill the gap to make it look better. These grips I bought turned out to be 4 1/2" long.
I see you have the stock throttle sleeve which is a 1" sleeve, it looks in the picture like you have a 7/8" grip on the bar though. Maybe I'm seeing it wrong? I understand the length is wrong, but the barrel grips shouldn't taper so much on the end like that either. I just did the math on my grips, 125mm is 4.9" and they are longer than the stock ones. I'm going to see if I can't find a tape measure to measure my stock grips.
Ok, the stock grip length from end to end is actually just under 4.5". If you look at the photo, you can see the stock grip on the stock throttle tube.

The other photo shows a comparison between the stock grip and the replacement I got which is just under 5". I am running an aftermarket 7/8" throttle tube so that I don't have the 1"grip on one side and 7/8" grip on the other like the factory sent out. It's also much more comfortable for my asian child like hands.


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The grips I bought has one larger diametrr than other to make up for the throttle tube, I think the stock grips are a slight stretch fit.
Unless you buy BMX grips one side is always larger because it's meant to slip over the throttle tube a little bit easier. I think you're missing what I'm saying or just think I'm an idiot... haha either way. Harley used 7/8" bars on the Streets. On the left side they installed a normal 7/8" grip over a sticky condom to hold it in place as is tradition. However on the throttle side Harley went rogue and (I'm assuming) saw an opportunity to swindle more money from customers by using a throttle grip with an internal diameter of 7/8" but an external diameter of 1 1/8" as is traditional to every Harley I've ever seen. Thus you need a 7/8" grip on the left side and a 1" grip on the throttle side.

In order to avoid buying two set of grips, and because I find 7/8" grips much more comfortable, I installed a normal 7/8" throttle sleeve I ordered from Dime City and used the grips I wanted without having to mix sizes (Dime City only had them in 7/8" anyways).

I attached some more photos, in no particular order showing a comparison of a normal throttle tube and Harley's egregious excuse for one. Notice the throttle tubes outer diameter is as large as the 7/8" throttle grips entire outer diameter. A 7/8" grip will never fit properly on the stock throttle tube. Oh, and if anyone is interested, the aftermarket throttle tube also rotates much smoother than the stock tube.


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