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Happy to join the club!

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Greetings! I just picked up my brand new Street 750 on Friday. They approved unlimited OT at work so I worked all weekend but still got some riding in! Just about to fill 'er up for the first time before taking it over the causeway to ride up and down A1A (I'm in Florida).

This is my first motorcycle. I'm glad I am able to start out with a Harley and a style of bike that I'm in absolute love with!
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Welcome aboard! Great to here you like the bike. Enjoy and stay safe!
Grats! Get out and ride, practice practice practice.

Remember to look through your turns, anticipate a left-turning car at every intersection, and use both breaks every time. Good habits to get into.

Also, take a look at some videos on YouTube about good body position and weight transfer while cornering. One of the best tips I ever got was to position my chin over the inside grip during an at-speed corner, it totally improved my game. They aren't sport bikes, but that doesn't mean the same fundamentals don't apply!
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