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Harley-Davidson offers new EMI options for Street 750 buyers in India

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Guys a very positive note and refer to link for more details.

No processing fees on Loans and you can get Loans on Accessories as well :D:D:D

This exists for enthusiasts doing booking in first lot.

Thats definitely a Good News.

Harley-Davidson offers new EMI options for Street 750 buyers in India - Financial Express
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Yes, but zero processing fees is only for launch and they would discontinue this offer later on.
Seems like a good way to boost sales the first month. Is it really necessary though. I'm sure the bike was already popular enough. It may be a sign of weakness. Maybe they aren't seeing as much demand as they thought they would.
In India buying a sub 5lac rupee bike is not so easy and not so affordable :eek: so that is why H-D is coming up with these finance schemes to attract more enthusiasts.:cool:

People find spending 5lac rupee on a car more logical and practical than on bikes. A Good car starts in sub 5lac rupee range so most of them gets attratced to cars then.:rolleyes:
this just seems like an early bird incentive to me
so better to jump on now!
Yes looking forward to grab this offer on 1st March and book Street ;)
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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