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Harley-Davidson Saddlebag Cooler Tote is Pretty Cool

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Harley-Davidson makes a lot of products, and this is one of the more cool and interesting ones. The H-D Saddlebag Cooler is perfect to transport your beers to your favorite summer destination.

The Saddlebag Cooler is fully lined and insulated to keep your beverages cool while riding in the summer heat. Now this bag isn't supposed to be filled with ice. The point is to keep your already cold things stay cold, not to make them cold by surrounding them with ice.

You could use cold packs or something similar instead though.

This product costs $69.95, which is more expensive than other non-H-D options. The H-D Saddlebag Cooler will match your Harley much better than those others though.

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Looks like you could fit about a 12 pack in there, which I think is a pretty good size. I like having matching gear, but it is a pretty big premium just for the Harley logo.
so how many beers does it fit? :D
Enough to get you arrested.:p
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Not too bad in terms of price but not sure if its a good idea to pack some cold ones or anything carbonated really. Whoever reaches in first will be left with a surprise ;)
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