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I am in the same dilemma. Mainly becasue the headlight fairing (only glossy black) is a BUZZKILL.

Options for us are : -
- Get Matt Black : and body wrap the headlight fairing to matt black (which should cost u less than 3k-5k)
-Get Vivid Black : Have to put a teflon coat, coz other wise it might not look as stunning after a year or 2.

Scratchs on BLACK dont hide very well. So thats the case with both colours.
Although I have been told Matt Black might be difficult to maintain if ur more vulnerable to scratches in your neighbourhood. (Having said that denim looks hot)
The fact that scratches stand out a on black is why I would stay away. it will be my daily rider, rather get a color that suits that
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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