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Harley Davidson Street Commercial

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Sweet commercial. Any idea if they have plans for more? Any special ones for Super Bowl?
OOOoooo, I hope that there is a Superbowl ad for the HD Street. Great music soundtrack for this commercial but they would have to come up with something more exciting for the Superbowl.
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I'm also expecting something crazy for superbowl, it's harley and superbowl, combining those two and it will be epic.
does harley davidson usually advertise for the super bowl?
I don't see why they shouldn't have one specifically for the HD street. In the past they had some funny ones like this one.

A superbowl commercial will cost millions but well worth it.
Millions spent now for the promotion of a super cheap mass produced "world" bike to be seen at an event the world will be watching is worth it :D
Captain America- Winter Solider will be a commercial for the HD Street as well :)

Can't wait to see the Street in the movie
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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