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Japan is the second largest international market for the automaker behind Canada, accounting for 10.751 unit sales in 2013. The company's sales rose only 1% year-on-year, while revenues decreased 11% in the country due to unfavorable currency translations last year.

Harley-Davidson is going to be aiming to have their sales rise more sharply in Japan with the release of the Tri Glide and the Street 500 and 750. In Japan 5 million people have motorcycle licenses, compared to the 80 million who hold car licenses. That means that the Tri Glide could do very well there considering the Tri Glide is classified as an automobile rather than a motorcycle.

The Street motorcycles will be launched in Japan this year. As the Japanese motorcycle market is to grow by 7.5% last year, Harley-Davidson is hoping that the release of the Street motorcycles will be able to grab a significant portion of this growth, given the strong brand appeal of Harley-Davidson and the cheaper prices of these bikes.

Check out this Forbes article to get more detail on Harley's business plans for Japan.

Harley-Davidson Rolls Out Its Lightweight And Three-Wheeled Motorcycles In Japan - Forbes
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