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Harley Davidson takes it's riding academy global

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Harley-Davidson's riding academy has instructed over 350,000 riders since its debut in the year 2000. With that success under its belt, Harley-Davidson has decided to take the academy global by expanding to mexico, China and South Africa.

The program will involve the Street 500 motorcycles, which are considered the best entry-level machines that Harley-Davidson offers. All the classes are approved by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, and the instructors are all also MSF-certified.

The New Rider Course spans a minimum of 20 hours, and has a maximum student/teacher ratio of 6:1.

"For years we've been delivering a life-changing, freedom-inspiring training experience. Now, we're taking rider training to a new level by incorporating a Harley-Davidson motorcycle that students will want to keep riding long after class is over.

Instilling confidence is vital to preparing new riders to move from the classroom to the open road. We designed everything – the experience, the curriculum and the equipment – to inspire that needed confidence and empower new students to have a ton of fun learning to ride on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle."
Some states will exempt graduates from taking certain road tests, and completing the program usually leads to discounts towards buying a motorcycle.

Harley-Davidson rolls out Riding Academy, expands abroad | Dealernews
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What Harley calls "Riders Edge" in the US is the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) New Rider Course (NRC). It is a half day of classroom work and two full days on the bike in the parking lot doing all the drills. In the US at least most states waive the road test for motorcycle endorsement on your drivers license for successfully completing the NRC and completing any MSF riding course usually gets you a discount on your insurance. I have never seen it get you a discount on a motorcycle. Most motorcycle companies front the majority of the cost of offering the course as a means to bring in new customers. If students had to pay the full cost of the course, few if any would take it, reducing the number of riders on the road, and opportunities for the motorcycle industry to make money off sales, service and parts.
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so this riding academy is basically the standard MSF course?
Sure seems like it, just that they are expanding it into other nations from the looks of it. I guess some places don't have them in the exact form Harley is going to be introducing them at.
I would definitely participate, especially with the discount on a Harley afterwards. Is anyone planning on enrolling in this course?
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I took the Riding Academy at Fort Bragg Harley Davidson in Fayetteville NC. Awesome class and the group was smaller than a community college.

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